About Us

Cairo Media School is the first Media School in Egypt and the Arab world, specializing in international media development and training.
Cairo Media School is a educational establishment powered by the Arab News Agency, which is a part of the Future Network, and is a sister company to Future Media, the CBC TV Network, El Watan Newspaper.
We believe that media career is not exclusive for a specific social category or segment and as they say the circle is always open for new comers, however the truth is, you have to take steady steps to get closer to the center of the circle. Thus updating your skills and qualifications is essential for you to progress further in the Media Greenlight as a performing professional.
The Cairo Media School helps you cross that road from being an ambitious amateur to being a professional person working in the media.
Cairo Media School will guide you through your path to knock on the right door at the right time.


•The Cairo Media School is the training school for all media sectors
• Adding skills to fresh graduates, mid- careers via beginners and advanced level of workshops
• Introduce new generations to Arabian media platforms
• Media consultant for journalism and new TV projects
• Establishing right structure for coming media organizations
• We support individuals, governmental institutions, syndicates by providing practical training in the media field to their members
• Guiding Cairo Media School graduates for following the right track after finishing the workshops
• Internship opportunities
• Connecting graduates with media organizations in the Arab world


We believe that the approach to entering the media is like being stuck in traffic. Entering the media for the first time for many younger media enthusiasts is mostly faced with obstacles, just like in traffic where the barrier between you and your destination is the red traffic light. During that period media enthusiasts often explore the media industry environment and atmosphere in the most random ways, whilst hoping to grasp an opportunity that helps qualify them to prepare for being a media professional.
This preparation period is also very similar to waiting in traffic, however this time it is like looking at the yellow ready-up light, where everybody ready-ups his engines, waiting for the green light to mark the start of his/her career path as a media professional.
Unfortunately many of the younger media individuals, get stuck in traffic, whilst looking at the yellow light, with no real countdown that indicates when the green light will appear, with a large possibility of never appearing.
We believe that the reason for that is the ineffective preparation to take on the real work environment, standards and necessary qualifications of the media industry.
Accordingly, it is of Cairo Media School’s intention to help young media enthusiasts with their journey, starting from the red light by giving them a true perspective regarding what category of media work suits them the most. And then proceeding to preparing the young media enthusiasts to match the qualifications needed in the local, regional and international media job market. Whilst at the same time presenting them with a countdown and realistic timeframe, just like the yellow traffic lights, in order to be able to anticipate the green light for starting a media career.
Cairo Media School also intends to accompany younger media generations throughout their journey as media professionals after recognizing their greenlight, by being the companion on the passenger side, who provides them with continuous aid and development opportunities to reach the destination that they desire.

Q & A

What makes Cairo Media School different

• It has its own facilities (own satellite broadcasting, newsroom, studios, ENG’s etc.).
• Employs high caliber trainers, which offer a firsthand in-depth life experience from the media industry.
• Strong and positive partnerships with influential media entities within the industry.

Why are Cairo Media School’s workshops unique

The workshops are specifically designed to suit the job description that are found within the media job market.

Why have we designed intensive workshops

Our workshops are intensive, and only target 6 participants at a time to deliver the most realistic experience, including a real life experience of the stress, socializing and troubleshooting within the media industry.

Why have we designed diplomas for certain media industry categories:

We created specific diplomas for certain areas or categories in the media industry to offer prospective students; who wish to enter such areas with the necessary in-depth details that are necessary for every working professional, given the unique standards, qualifications and background that these categories require.

Why do we offer scholarships

We offer scholarships to all eligible students, based on the belief that monetary terms or fees shall not be the obstacle that stands between genuine media enthusiasts which have the requirements, talent and discipline to be working professionals within the media field.

What is the next step after being a graduate of the Cairo Media School

•We will offer our graduates step by step guidance and mentoring through all of the media career levels to make sure that they exceed their peers in the media industry. And provide internships in our partner’s premises from 1 to 3 months according to their assessment during the workshops. And add their projects to our Cairo TV online portal

Who is eligible to enter Cairo Media School

•Everyone is eligible to join Cairo Media School, no matter what their educational background is, as we believe that media should not be exclusive to only a certain category or social segment
•Nonetheless, we intend to be completely honest and transparent with our applicants during the enrollment process and council them regarding the most suitable course of action that brings out their best potential


El Ameen


CFO for Arab News Agency

Executive Manager

Head of Communication

Head of Training Team

Executive Producer



Cairo Media School holds two studios, equipped with lighting rigs available for exercising different media formats (such as talk shows, live news bulletins etc.). Studio 1 is equipped with 4 cameras, linked to a standardized gallery room. As for studio 2, it includes 3 cameras linked to a well-appointed news & control room.

Editing Suits

Cairo Media School has 4 editing suits, equipped with final cut 7.

Training Classes

Two training classes are available with 3 LCD screens in each class, which are connected to the MCR and editing suits, alongside to constant WIFI access.

Sound Suites

Prepared with Protool workstations.

Working Areas

Cairo Media School has two workstations, equipped with PC Desktops and direct internet access.

Break areas

Two designated break areas are available for the resting periods between the teaching activities.

Field Production

Multiple SNG stations are available for broadcast training, as well as multiple Live U bags for outdoor field production.