Enrollment Process:

1.Upon the receipt of the potential candidate’s online application through Cairo Media School’s official website, the application will be processed.
2.The applicant instantly receives an automatic reply, confirming the receipt of his application, including a notice informing him to expect the receipt of the scheduled interview date by the Cairo Media School communication team.
3.Afterwards the applicant shall be interviewed in order to determine their eligibility and their fulfillment of the workshop perquisites. The type of conducted interview shall vary according to the category of workshop applied for. All applicants are required to pass a one-on-one Interview in which previously communicated assignments; given to the applicant will be assessed.
4.Upon the completion of the interview and within 24 hours the applicant will be informed on being either accepted or rejected via e-mail.
In case of rejection, the e-mail shall include a valid reasoning of the taken decision (which may be based on either the over or under qualification of the applicant). Moreover the communicated e-mail may include a possible recommendation of attending an alternative workshop or diploma that is more suitable or more convenient to the current level of the experience.